Complete Front Forks

Complete Front Forks


Unlike most other stores where you order one specific part for your forks, this is a complete OEM suspension set that is fully assembled and ready to install!

What's included in a complete front fork set?

      • Lower fork tubes
      • Upper outer tubes
      • Fork cartridges
      • Fork valving
      • Adjuster caps
      • Lugs
      • Any other parts you see pictured!

Rebuilt vs. New Complete Front Fork Set

1. Refurbished Front Fork Set

A used or rebuilt product is a fully functional item for a discounted price. With those savings, please expect scrapes, scratches, and cosmetic wear. 

2. New Complete Front Fork Set

A new or stock take-off OEM component that allows riders to use the highest quality products available; these assemblies are high-end and hard to find. 
Complete Front Dirt Bike Fork Set
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