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As a dirt biker, you already know what the clutch is, and how to use it (otherwise time for more riding classes). Looking at the layout, the clutch lever is connected to the clutch perch which attaches to the handlebars. The clutch is also known as dead mans switch, and pulling in the clutch lever allows the engine to disconnect from the drivetrain. When the clutch lever is released, the engine and drivetrain align again. The coupling of these two parts is achieved by spring-loaded clutch plates. When the springs are stiff, it makes it more difficult to pull in the clutch, but the benefit is max coupling (connection) between the engine and drivetrain when shifting, but quicker ramp up can make shifting more difficult to control. For motocross, its best to have softer springs since the clutch lever is pulled numerous times in one ride. Fine tuning a clutch requires adjusting the number springs or plates. If the springs used are too soft, the result can be clutch slippage. Whats most important is understanding the wear limits on your clutch components. Overtime and after many rides, the clutch plates wear down from engagement/rubbing and the springs lose their tension. If the springs get weak enough, they will be incapable of holding the clutch plates together, causing slippage.

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Drz400 carb upgrade FRC

5.0 rating
2 weeks ago
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had a lectron carb on my DRZ and it was good improvement over my stock carb but then I rode a bike with this carb.. now a $1000 later I can say im happy with this bike and its wheelie capabilities.

John Garnette


5.0 rating
6 months ago
Review of Home

So glad I found…, service, support, everything about them is awesome. My RFS has never run better than now….thanks for a fantastic carb! First place I will contact anytime I need anything!

Larry Bernier

Wr450f carb complete

5.0 rating
6 months ago
Review of Home

I just wanted to say that the carb I bought from you for my 04 WR 450 is perfect. I didn’t even touch the air screw. Starts perfect, just a quick choke, then idles so nice. Power is way up from my old carb, which I figured ran perfectly. No popping on decel, nice crisp response. Even the famous stuttering from the TPS is almost gone. This thing could almost give my old GS 750 a run for it’s money. Very happy customer.

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