Complete Swingarm Assembly

Complete Swingarm Assembly


Here at OEM Dirt Bike Parts, we have complete swingarms that are fully assembled and ready to install on your dirt bike! Instead of replacing worn bearings or welding a cracked swingarm for a quick fix, consider purchasing one of our new swingarms to ensure the highest level of safety and riding performance. Reach out to our team today for a quick response by clicking the helmet icon located at the bottom right of your screen.

What's included in a complete rear swinging suspension arm?

        • Swingarm pivot bearing assembly
        • Chain adjuster bolts
        • Linkage mount

Used vs. New Dirt Bike Swingarm Assembly

1. Refurbished Swingarm Assembly

A used or rebuilt product is a fully functional item for a discounted price. With those savings, please expect scrapes, scratches, and cosmetic wear. 

2. New Swingarm Assembly

A new or stock take-off OEM component that allows riders to use the highest quality products available; these assemblies are high-end and hard to find.  
Dirt Bike Complete Swingarm Rear Suspension