Front End Fork Swap Upgrades

Front End Fork Swap Upgrades


We have front-end fork swap upgrades and fork conversion assemblies like nothing else on the market! We have a full list of new OEM products that are ready to install on your dirt bike. KYB-WP-Showa Suspension upgrades can cost upwards of $6,000 USD, however, because we can source them straight from the manufacturer we can provide these upgrades at half the cost!


What's included in a front end fork swap upgrade?

  • Complete fork assembly
  • Triple clamps with stem
  • Proper bearings for conversion
  • Axle and wheel spacers
  • Necessary brackets and bolts (for brake line and caliper adaptor)
  • Complete front wheel - assembled with spokes, hub, rim & bearings
  • Complete front caliper with brake pads
  • Many other customizable options available for your specific needs

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