Yamaha Clutch Lever & Master Cylinder Controls

We provide fully assembled Yamaha Clutch Lever & Master Cylinder Controls for your bike!Looking at the layout, the clutch lever is connected to the clutch perch which attaches to the handlebars. The clutch is also known as "dead-man's switch", and pulling in the clutch lever allows the engine to disconnect from the drivetrain. When the clutch lever is released, the engine and drivetrain align again. The coupling of these two parts is achieved by spring-loaded clutch plates. When the springs are stiff, it makes it more difficult to pull in the clutch, but the benefit is max coupling (connection) between the engine and drivetrain when shifting, but quicker ramp-up can make shifting more difficult to control. For motocross, it's best to have softer springs since the clutch lever is pulled numerous times in one ride. Fine-tuning a clutch requires adjusting the number of springs or plates. If the springs used are too soft, the result can be clutch slippage. What's most important is understanding the wear limits on your clutch components. Over time and after many rides, the clutch plates wear down from engagement/rubbing and the springs lose their tension. If the springs get weak enough, they will be incapable of holding the clutch plates together, causing slippage.

What's included in a Yamaha Clutch Lever & Master Cylinder Control?

  • Clutch Lever
  • Clutch Perch
  • Clutch Cable Adjuster
  • Clutch Master Cylinder (for hydraulic clutches)
  • Clutch Perch
  • Rubber Protection Covers
  • OEM Bolt Assemblies

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