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to customers all over the world. With a commitment to research, innovation, and finding quality dirt bike parts, OEM is dedicated to getting dirt bike riders back on the track as soon as possible by getting the parts you need shipped fast to your doorstep!


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We ship fast all over the world, so we welcome international customers! International shipping and customer service also allows us to learn more about riders in different geographical terrains, and therefore helps build knowledge on dirt bike mechanics and needs. So let us know what new or used OEM dirt bike parts are needed and we will be glad to get a shipping quote sent your way!

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We’re a California-based dirt bike equipment distributor.

We understand dirt bike riding can be an expensive sport, which is why we put in the work to ensure you’re getting the right quality parts and fitment for your personal dirt bike at half the cost compared to the dealers and other competitors. Navigate our website to browse our huge inventory of parts for numerous dirt bike makes and models.

Also take a peek at the latest and greatest videos, upgrades and trends by following us on our Instagram, Facebook page and Youtube channel. Our customer service line is ever-present, and caters directly to your needs with employees who have over 20 years of dirt bike mechanics experience.

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4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 327 reviews)
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Drz400 carb upgrade FRC

5.0 rating
2 weeks ago
Review of Home

had a lectron carb on my DRZ and it was good improvement over my stock carb but then I rode a bike with this carb.. now a $1000 later I can say im happy with this bike and its wheelie capabilities.

John Garnette


5.0 rating
6 months ago
Review of Home

So glad I found oemdirtbikeparts.com…..parts, service, support, everything about them is awesome. My RFS has never run better than now….thanks for a fantastic carb! First place I will contact anytime I need anything!

Larry Bernier

Wr450f carb complete

5.0 rating
6 months ago
Review of Home

I just wanted to say that the carb I bought from you for my 04 WR 450 is perfect. I didn’t even touch the air screw. Starts perfect, just a quick choke, then idles so nice. Power is way up from my old carb, which I figured ran perfectly. No popping on decel, nice crisp response. Even the famous stuttering from the TPS is almost gone. This thing could almost give my old GS 750 a run for it’s money. Very happy customer.

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