Kx250 Built with the best parts- Frankenstein

Best KX250 upgrades & Top KX 250 Mods

Kx250 Built with the best parts- Frankenstein The Kx250 wasn’t known for having the best handling yet was renown for being one of the finest powerbands on the market. with the help of porting and a larger carb we can agree… this bike rips! now for the handling, a lot was changed to bring this […]

Building the Best Street Legal Dirt bike!

fastest dirt bike with 60whp fe501

Buying a street-legal dirt bike equals the freedom to go places some may never. Yet most of today’s dirt bikes are a trade-off, either a full-blown race bike or just cheap street-legal transportation. The 2020 Fe501 was one of the first dual-sports we’ve seen that could easily bridge the gap with a possible wet weight […]